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Month: December 2014

A Perfectly Ordinary Texas Sunset

IMG_0138I missed a beautiful sunset last week.   I didn’t miss it exactly, but it was over my shoulder and behind me while I was driving home.   Short of pulling off the road or crashing my car – I settled for stealing a few glances where I could get them.   The next evening provided similar weather conditions and I was hoping for an equally spectacular vista.   This time I’d take to a hill by my house, camera in hand, and wait for just the right moment.    I took a few pictures and kept one that I thought provided the universe at least an adequate representation.   After all, the job of a photographer at sunset is mostly just not to F*** it up.

I went home and reviewed my handy work – overall satisfied with the output.   Good, but not great.   It wasn’t until I went out to Instagram to compare my efforts that I realized I took exactly the same picture as dozens of others.   I’d tried to be clever and frame the picture with trees in the foreground to give it depth.  Well that and I couldn’t get the trees out of the shot without standing in the middle of a busy street.   The thought of dying for one’s craft most certainly doesn’t apply here.   The result is a bit of a cliche picture, but it’s a start.  I guess I’ll just have to watch a few hundred more sunsets and keep trying…





Sunday Drive – Houston

Yeah – I know what you are thinking.  Houston??   Blah.   Unless you grew up there – or maybe even if you did – it might not be the first place you think about for getting away.  Indulge me for a minute.   Houston isn’t actually one place – it’s lots of little places.   Give it a fair shot and I promise you’ll find a few you like.   Among the urban sprawl and endless miles of highway – you’ll also find a world of museums, restaurants, & entertainment.


Houston is almost literally a blank canvas that you can paint the way you like.    More often than not, you’ll find me calling The Magnolia Hotel my home away from home.   There are lots of interesting places to wet your whistle, but a new discovery for me was the Nouveau Antique Art Bar in downtown, where the ceiling full of reproduction Tiffany lamps provides a unique backdrop.    And given enough time, I’ll almost always try to sneak in at least one lunch at Goode Company Taqueria.

So, while it might not be Paris or Rome – or even your favorite place in Texas – Houston can be a great place to go exploring.  Stay off the freeway and go find a neighborhood that appeals to your sensibilities (or lack thereof).  And if you find yourself in the mood for some Vietnamese Crawfish...yeah they have that too.



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