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Month: January 2014

Two for Tuesday – Toni Price & Home Slice Pizza


It doesn’t get more “Austin” than spending a Tuesday night on South Congress enjoying two local favorites.  Tuesdays at the Continental Club are synonymous with Toni Price and her “Hippie Hour” fans.  The time between sets is just long enough to make a quick dash to Home Slice down the street for some of the best pizza around.

Outside of a brief move to California a couple years ago, Toni Price has been a Tuesday landmark of the Austin live music scene.   Her music stands on its own, but it doesn’t hurt that Warren Hood and Rich Brotherton have both done stints at her side.    And since it’s an early show, you’ll be home in plenty of time to face the Wednesday workday with gusto.

Just because it’s early in the week, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.   Head on over to SoCo to feed both your soul and your belly.    You won’t be disappointed.


Feeling Social?

The options and uses for social media continue to explode.   One piece of advise I’ve found useful from the start is to have fun, but not dive into every new app that comes along.   I’ve never quite found a place for Pinterest for example.  I’m not sure exactly who (or what) I’d want to Snapchat about.   And although I have a Google+ account – I find it seldom used.

Flipboard looks interesting.   I’ve set up an account and created a couple “magazines”.   Time will tell if I’ll be committed enough to curate valuable content on a regular basis.   And you can find me here on Twitter.   It’s been the most fun of all the sites for me so far.

Hopefully 2014 will be a year of new friends and connections in a variety of real and virtual environments.

2013 was pretty good to me, so I’d mostly be happy with a continuation into 2014.  I’m not much into resolutions, but one of the things on my “to do” list is to keep trying new things on social media (and in the real world).

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