Let’s get this out of the way first….I have zero authority to judge food – BBQ or otherwise.   And there has also been plenty written about whose BBQ is best and why.  It’s probably folly to even step into the debate.   BBQ is a Texas tradition though – so a while back I made a short list of “must do” places that I thought would represent some of the best.  It not exhaustive or scientific – just my attempt to get out and experience some good food.

Here are my top 5 in order of preference.

1 – Franklin (Austin) – I alternate between whether the line is entertainment or maddening.  It’s a mix of both really, but at the end of it typically stands a smiling Aaron Franklin.  Knife in hand and some amazing BBQ at the ready.

2 – City Market (Luling)

3 – Kruez Market (Lockhart)

4 – Louie Mueller (Taylor)

5 (tie)- Smitty’s & Black’s (Lockhart)

The rest – Salt Lick and Rudy’s both make good food.  They are consistent and nearby – something that makes them more practical than the hours long commitment of driving and/or standing in line.