Living in Austin is a blessing and a curse.  There is so much going on, I always feel like I’m missing something.  Here are five nights of fun things that I probably won’t get around to doing, but hey…you never know.

Mon – Lagunitas Pairing Dinner or Ben Folds Five  Lagunitas makes good beer and 24 Diner has great food.  What’s not to like?  Ben Folds Five – I’m not normally a big fan of band reunions, but this one might be fun and I love just about every show I ever see at Stubb’s.

Tues – Trailer Food Tuesday
I haven’t been to one yet   Looks like a fun time and the weather should be nice.

Wed – The Tito’s Five Course at the Driskill Hotel  Okay – this one is even more of a longshot than the others.  Very doubtful I’d spend $65 per person for a vodka dinner, but seems cool in a Gatsby kind of way.

Friday/Saturday – Utopiafest  Technically not in Austin.  But close enough for an easy weekend campout and a great lineup.  Austin bands are well represented.